We are food experts specializing in providing meals
for preschoolers and elementary students.

Menu Variety

We have over 50 unique rotating menu items creating nutrition surprises specifically designed to appeal to reluctant eaters.

New Flavors

Our chef signature dishes are developed to elevate culinary adventure for unexperienced palates. And our meal exceeds the average nutrition requirements. 

Dietary Restrictions

We accommodate various dietary requirement such as vegan, gluten free, soy free, vegetarian and other specialty diets.

Fresh delivery

We are committed to deliver within 25-mile radius to ensure fresh-made, hot and ready-to-serve meals on time on a daily basis. 

No plastic

We utilize 100% compostable containers and flatware to encourage young clients to take ownership of environment responsibility. 

Green is green

Our food solution is engineered with environmental consciousness for minimal carbon footprints 

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Compostable containers