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We believe that what we eat connects us all to each other, to our Earth, and to the future.

About Us

We believe that delicious and diverse foods connect us all; to each other, to our environment, and to the future. Our mission is to bring amazing, nutritious food to your students, in the most sustainable way possible. Read More…

Our Menu

Our menu features the highest quality seasonal organic, natural and sustainably farmed produce, meats and seafood, sourced primarily from our beautiful Pacific Northwest. See Menu…


Our passion is to provide a wealth of top-notch experience from local, national and internationally heralded menus to kids’ table for enjoyment. See Services…

Education Outreach

We endeavor to promote fantastic food education programs to cultivate our children’s knowledge and lifestyle in knowledge of food, health, body and environment. 

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” My son actually asked for brussel sprouts…”

Amanda, Johny’s mom

” The kids are sooo excited for lunchtime. It’s an adventure every week. We love Chef Ernie!”

Lori, School Admin