Service FAQ

1. How does your program work?

  • Our meals are cooked daily out of our flagship school on Capitol Hill and are delivered to your school right before lunch time stored in hot and cold temperature-holding containers to ensure food safety.
  • New menus are posted on the 20th of the preceding month to give you time to plan.

2. What kind of menus do you serve?

  • Our menus feature the highest quality, seasonal and sustainably farmed produce. Meats are sourced primarily from our beautiful Pacific Northwest.
  • Each meal is thoughtfully crafted by our experienced culinary team, meeting and exceeding Washington state’s nutritional requirements, while making delicious and engaging meals for picky eaters.
  • Menus comprise of an entrée with vegetables, a grain and side serving of fruit.
  • Our daily options are Protein (chicken or turkey), Vegetarian (tofu or beans), Dairy/Gluten-free (chicken or turkey) or Vegan/Gluten-free (tofu or beans).
  • Our culinary team constantly add new menu items to the menu to reflect flavors from all over the world.

3. Do you provide Kosher/Halal food?

  • Our kitchen is not a certified Kosher/Halal kitchen, but we do not serve pork or beef.

4. How do you handle dietary restrictions?

  • 100% of our meals are nut, egg, pork and beef free.
  • We also offer vegan/gluten-free, dairy/gluten-free and vegetarian alternative options for all our meals.
  • Parents/guardian fill out each child’s allergy restrictions when ordering lunch using our online ordering platform. If your allergen is not listed, please contact us and let us know.